Friday, March 18, 2011

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Full Sibling Comparisons - by P Wynn Norman
I just got a new video today, so I thought, given the discussion, some might appreciate seeing these. Someone posted about how uncertain even breeding full siblings can be. I agree wholeheartedly, but sometimes (like, for me, about 40% of the time), you get lucky.

Here are videos of four Teddy full siblings o/f, plus two "siblings in blood" (inbreds: same blood, different proportions, i.e. both sired by a full brother o/o two full sisters to each other, who are also 3/4 sisters to Teddy by virtue of being by the same stallion as he, but out of his grandmother).

Cooper (full brother -- getting ready to go Prelim, stands 14.3h):

Coda (full brother -- a winner at Novice, stands 14.2h, I think):

Cat (full sister -- she, too, was quite green when this was taken, but the last three jumps on the course really show her stuff, I didn't have the funds to keep her going, so now she is a broodmare):

Caleb (an inbred one from the line, leading Zone 2 in NAL and M&S jumpers, evented to Novice, also does Pony Jumpers, stands 14.2h):

Cliche (another inbred one -- she was quite green xc at the time the video was taken, recently 3rd at BN in her first season eventing):

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